A Good Fit

Have you ever served in a leadership role that just didn’t seem like a good fit? Too often, we think of leaders as being interchangeable parts. This seems to be especially true in churches. We simply try to fill in old roles with new people. This can lead to frustration, ineffectiveness, and the loss of good leaders. What is it that makes for a good fit?

In general, leaders are the most effective when they understand what’s expected and feel that they are participating in something significant. Without clear expectations, it’s difficult to see whether or not a person will be a good fit for a particular role. Before recruiting, take time to write a job description. It doesn’t need to be formal, but it should clearly state the desired outcomes. Then, think about what skills are best suited to achieving these outcomes. Now, consider who might have these skills. When you eventually talk to someone about taking the role, be specific about why you think his or her skills would be a good fit for the role. In addition, explain how the role contributes something significant to the overall mission of the church. Even busy people will find time to help with goals that are meaningful.

In the Central Texas Conference, we are in a season of leadership recruitment. We encourage those who feel called to leadership to serve first in the local church. This is the primary place where we make disciples of Jesus Christ. For those who can take on an additional role, we have many opportunities to serve at the district and conference levels. If you’re interested in learning more and getting connected, please visit ctcumc.org/nominations. On this site, you’ll find a set of team and committee descriptions that explain the expectations and significance of each group. You’ll also find a leadership interest form. By filling it out, you can help the conference nominations and leadership development team learn about what skills you have to contribute. You can also encourage other people to fill out the form. You might be the one who can connect someone else with a role that is a good fit.

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